What Do Men Want

what men wantWomen have wondered what do men want in a woman? Was is really all about blond hair and big breasts? Well, not all the time. However, focusing too much on the physical will only get you accepted on the surface level. A little more inch on your waist, and your man may search for a new girl.

In order to get a quality man, you have to be a quality woman. Here are some qualities of what most men want for their woman.

Honest and trustworthy – Men want a woman who is not likely to sneak around and sleep with other guys.

Similar interests – It is best that a woman has similar interests as his. For instance, a man is into skydiving and he wants his woman to have the same passion for adventure. Even if the woman hasn’t been skydiving, the man can teach her how to, which the woman would gladly learn.

Presentable appearance – As we said, it’s not all about the blond hair and big breasts. What’s important is you have good appearance and health. For example, you have clear, bright eyes; a proportionate body (even plus-sized women should retain that “hour-glass” figure); shiny hair; clean nails and body.

An air of mystery – Men like classy women more because they are intriguing, mysterious, and alluring. It also creates an impression that you are hard to get, that men should really pursue you in order to win your affection. For starters, you could dress up appropriately and in style. Remember that there is a huge difference between sexy and sleazy. Unfortunately, many women don’t know the difference (and, sadly, men do).

Sense of humor – At the end of the day, humor will keep the relationship running. Having a nice laugh and be able to react positively towards jokes can surely tame a man’s heart.

Intelligence and personality – Women should have a right mix of the two. Men like intelligent women with a positive attitude. Strong but not high maintenance. Most men prefer relaxed, yet confident women.

Money-wise – Men respect a woman who is able to manage money. She doesn’t impulsively swipe her man’s credit card wherever she pleases. She knows where to spend and where to save. Wise money management makes a woman good budget-spenders once she becomes a wife.

Faithful – A good man deserves a good woman. Keep yourself faithful with your man, and your relationship can go places.

Comfortable with her own sexuality – A woman should be aware that she is her man’s desire. She could appear as meek as a lamb, but becomes a wild horse when she’s in an intimate moment with her man.


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