When the Dating Game Gets Tough

Let’s face it. The dating scene could leave your disappointed and frustrated as you go through one date after another with little to no success. More often than not, the first date with someone is also the last date and it is not because you are choosy. Rather, it is because you cannot seem to fine “the one.”

And as each date comes and goes, you end up fearing you might end up old and alone. However, do not let this dating game put to you down. Take note of these dating rules that, although may sound crazy, actually work.

Never get bitter – No matter how many awful guys would dump you for baffling reasons, or go incommunicado one day, or just become the jerks they truly are, never let these frustrations get you down. Love and marriage is something you could have and would have. Never forget to smile, laugh, flirt, and date all over again.

Don’t let commitment-phobic men waste your time – Give your guy a year at most. If you feel like he is not inclined to marrying you, end the relationship no matter how much you like him or how much he promises he would get serious soon.

Every man is a new man – Your man does not deserve to be punished for what your past dates did. If you got cheated on the last time, do not fall into the trap of mistrusting your next boyfriend.

Just keep trying – Remain focused on what type of man you want, even if it didn’t work the last time. Sooner or later, you will find that person you dreamed of.

Never compromise yourself – Do not adjust your personality and behavior conform to your date’s liking. There would always be that one thing your date does not like about you, but never change what you like about yourself because eventually you will find someone who will love you for your all. Even if in the end you do not find the one, continue to love yourself.

Do not feel rushed – Keep an optimistic outlook about finding love and marriage even if you are closing in on 40. Do not let society, your friends, or your family rush you into settling down with a man whom you do not feel right about.

Source: The Stir


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