Why Do Some Guy Commit Too Fast

committing too fastDifferent relationships go through several processes. And people will encounter different people who look at relationships in many different ways.

Some may find it hard to find someone who they can start a relationship with. And sometimes some men may become so desperate as too try to commit themselves to someone quite early. Is this okay?

First of all, guys who commit to a relationship too early are in some trouble. Just because they find it difficult to meet up with women doesn’t mean that they should try to commit to a relationship at the first instance.

Women might find them too fast for comfort. Women would never want to be put into the point of being forced to commit into a relationship just a few dates old. Sadly, there are men who are guilty of doing this.

There may be some factors at play why some men tend to commit too fast. One of them is having grand expectations for every date they come across. Most men today have grown accustomed to getting what they want.

Some twenty something guys have been so successful at so early an age that they think that it is just okay to expect great things every time. But in the relationship part of life, this might not be always the case.

Most men today want instant gratification. With everything else in this world going "instant"- instant coffee, instant noodles, instant orders, instant everything- some men expect to get instant results from any relationship.

Men want to get into a relationship immediately and as quickly as possible. And sadly, this is where most men fail. Men fail to realize that not everything can be acquired in an instant. Some things, like relationships, develop slowly and gets better with time.

For those men who commit to relationships too fast, the best advice would be: "Take it slow". There is no need to rush up on love or relationships. Committing to love with just about any girl you meet would just not do. You may need to learn to raise your standards a bit. Take some time to select the women that you meet up with. You don’t just jump into a pool unless you know that it is not too cold.

And if you do meet up with a woman that you like, try to take things slow. You can start off the relationship as friends. Get to know each other better first. Go into the commitment ritual once the right time comes. And you must realize that it is not usually on the second or third date.

Building a relationship takes time and some effort. It takes patience to get someone to become comfortable enough to think things over and make the right decision. Yes, a prospect may either accept or reject you, but that is just how the game of love works. You have to take everything in stride.



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  1. I tried the friends first thing. I date a woman for six months only to be told that she only feels friendship. I feel like I wasted my time on her. I am use to instant. Maybe that’s why I have been married 6 times. lol I like to just date one at a time, what if she doesn’t? How do I deal with her dating several men? I feel like that if she is interested in me, she will want to date only me.

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