10 tips for a first date

10 tips for a first date

Leave your emotional baggage at home
If you have a huge line in exes, a past addiction to therapy and you still can’t forgive your Dad for missing your sports’ day when you were five, keep it to yourself on your first date. Too much emotional baggage, too soon, is never attractive. If you end up in a relationship – you’ll have plenty of opportunity to air your past sexual history, your hang-ups and all your past regrets and mistakes.

A first date, like a first interview, is the time to emphasise your best points not to draw attention to your weaknesses.

However, if your date asks you a direct question, such as, “Have you ever been married?” (or even “Are you married?”) then of course give the true answer.

Be yourself
Let the other person see the real you. A first date is not the time to try out being the person you’d like to be, or the person you think your date would like you to be. After all, you don’t want them falling in love with a false version of you. You want someone who likes you for all you are, with your good bits, your not so good bits, your little quirky bits and all the things in between that make you, you.

Here are a couple of great first date tips.  These two are so important.  Always leave emotional baggage at home. Let the person see all the goods at first. Remember you never get a chance to redo a first impression! Secondly, always be yourself. It is way better to find out from the beginning if the two of you have real potential. By being yourself you will be able to determine even how much chemistry the two of you will have!

Dating Coach, Dawn Donohoo



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