15 Women On Why They Say “No” To Marriage

15 Women On Why They Say “No” To Marriage

“We didn’t get married for a number of reasons: the timing was never right, we were never sure of each other, we were always more focused on just ourselves instead of each other, we weren’t sure if we were always right for the other. We were the complete opposites, we were like oil and water in the relationship, and we fought all the time, but we loved each other unconditionally.” —Diana Bean, Rogers, Ark.

“I just don’t see the point in getting a piece of paper to ‘complete’ our relationship. We have been together for 15 years and we feel married. We plan to be together forever, but I just don’t see why getting that on paper really matters.” —Shannon McNeal, Newark, N.J.

“To be perfectly honest, not being married but just being together allows me to feel free while still being in a loving and committed relationship. I have always had a fear of commitment and not being married allows me to not feel this fear, while still being with the man I love.” —Sarah Landewski, Lodi, Ohio

“I do not want to feel pressured to change my last name. I know this may sound petty and trivial, but in my family the wife must take her husband’s last name and I do not want this. By simply living together and not marrying I do not have to worry about this.” —Lisa Kelly. Clinton, Iowa

Here is a sample of excuses of why some women say no to marriage. I can’t help that thinking that these are all terrible excuses  by reading through some of them. For instance, the whole “I do not want to take his last name”, because her family wouldn’t approve? I am sure if this family is traditional in the name process, then they probably disapprove of her living with a man as well.  I call BS  on this! Next, “We didn’t get married for a number of reasons: the timing was never right, we were never sure of each other” but they always loved each other unconditionally except they never got married and made a full commitment!!  Finally, “I dont see the point of a piece of paper, we have been together for 15 years and plan to be together forever” My response is don’t plan, just do it!

Listen ladies, as much as we want to say marriage doesn’t matter the truth is it really does. Did you grow up thinking that you would just live with a man or play house. I know that I don’t come with a money back guarantee, try me out for 90 days and if you don’t like return me. Look marriage is not just a paper; it is a solidified relationship that has been acknowledged between God, the courts, family and friends. Why would you settle for less?  By reading the excuses I see for not being married tells me that you are not  truly valuing yourself and making excuses for him to not truly value you as well.

Dating Coach, Dawn Donohoo



  1. Great quotes. I’d say they can be summarized as “a combination of character and attraction reasons”!

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