17 Cheap Dates Men Actually Like

17 Cheap Dates Men Actually Like

A little help with shopping. For us. Because we trust you.

A free concert. Because if you’re willing to stand on line for the first hour, we know you care.

The best pizza place in town. Ditto

Four days in the mountains. Because no Wi-Fi.

A road trip

A bike ride

Here is a list of the ones that I found interesting. I know that men actually prefer a little more creativity and something that does not break the bank. One of my favorite dates that I went on with a guy did not cost a dime. We went down to the river  with a blanket and a cup of coffee made at home. We sat there and watched the beauty of our natural surroundings. After a hour or so we headed back to his house and had a glass of wine and relaxed for hours on a hammock. I have never felt so relaxed nor have I ever enjoyed a date as much and it didn’t even cost! We just used all our surroundings and had our coffee and wine from home!

Dating Coach, Dawn Donohoo



  1. Love the road trip and four days in the mountains!

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  3. love is life

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