5 Tips for Dating, Again

5 Tips for Dating, Again

1. Falling in love with love. – Make sure that you are not falling in love with LOVE, some people tend to do this if they have been single for too long or have a fear of being alone.

2. Keep your eyes open.- Always keep your eyes open. Remember that love can happen anytime and you never know when it will be, so be ready always.

3.Get off the couch. – Get busy with life and don’t just wait around for love to find you. Get a hobby and get social. Meet new people and open your world up to new adventures.

4.Choose well but choose.- Above all else, guard your heart, for it is the wellspring of life. Make sure that you choose to date people who are healthy for you and who add to your life, not take from it. Take care of your heart!

5. Gently move out of your comfort zone. – Be open to dating different types of people. Common sense says, if you have had bad luck at the type you have been dating so far then broaden your choices!

Dating Coach, Dawn Donohoo



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