Affordable Date Locations For The Summer

shutterstock_145272151Summer is a good time for dating. While the sun is out and the weather is just perfect, going out just becomes even more exciting. But if you have a limited budget on dates, there are several affordable locations available. All it takes is a bit of imagination and a sense of adventure to help you plan a memorable date but without spending too much money. Here are some good locations for your next summer date.

Picnic At The Park

Summer is a good way to head to the park. You can have a picnic for a date while you try to enjoy the natural scenery in the fine summer weather. You can plan for your own picnic treat on the cheap. Finding an ideal picnic spot will give you a unique dating experience that will not cost you that much.

Pick Up Game On The Playground

If you are both the sporty types, then you might consider some bit of competition and head out to the playground for a game of pick-up basketball or any other sport you both love to play. You can invite friends to make the date even more exciting. It will also help get those endorphins pumping.

Outdoor Cookout

If you are balking at the high prices of food at the fancy restaurants in the area, then a dinner or lunch date will not be a good idea. Why not enjoy a more affordable eating out date by having an outdoor cookout? Have a barbecue party with friends or you can limit it to a backyard dinner date for two. You still get to enjoy the great outdoor weather, enjoy valuable moments of conversation and do not have to fork up a lot of cash for the experience.


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