Cheap Date Ideas

With a little resourcefulness and imagination, you can plan dates that are fun yet very inexpensive. After all, you do not need to dine at a formal restaurant, watch a musical, or attend a concert if you and your date has a connection and chemistry towards each other. Here are our suggested activities that would impress your date even if on a budget. Remember that you could do some of these on the same day, making your date more enjoyable.

Rent a movie – You can watch movies (or even TV series) on rented DVDs. Add some sodas and popcorn, then you are ready to dim the lights and cuddle up.

Get a drink – Take a trip in the city and visit a decent bar to have some good drinks like a margarita or martini (even beer, if your date is into it). With a few drinks, your date would loosen up and have some deeper, more intimate conversations.

Have a cup of coffee – If you and your date are caffeine lovers, a chat at a coffee shop can forge your connection towards one another.

Walk in the park – Every city has a great park to stroll around and indulge on its numerous activities. Walk around its beautiful scenery while holding hands, or you can have a picnic and enjoy your lunch on the grass. If your city is located near the sea, try walking on the beach and get some tan.

Nature walks – Some communities have hiking or nature trails. Your outdoorsy date would surely love to see the breath-taking nature views.

Exercising together – You don’t need a gym to stay fit if you and your partner like to jog or walk around. You could even do some partner exercises on the park.

Tour your own city – Enjoy the sights and sounds of your very own city. Even smaller cities have something to behold. If your city has a local billiard hall, amusement parks, skating rinks, dance halls, or a comedy club, give them a visit.

Local events – Check out your local newspaper for upcoming events that you and your date could participate such as fairs and public parties.

Bike ride – If you and your date are into biking, why not go around town riding your bicycles (or even on motorcycles)? If your date does not know how to ride a bike, try hitching him or her with you-be careful though.

Miniature golf – Spending the day outdoors and engaging in relaxing and enjoyable activities make great yet inexpensive dates. Playing a round of miniature golf is fun and engaging, especially if both of you do not have any golfing experience. Do not worry about making mistakes or missing some shots, you could just laugh it off.

Eating ice cream together – Bring out the child in you once you see an ice cream truck. Buy two cones and eat some ice cream with your date.

Cook dinner at home – You can plan a romantic meal without the hefty price tag. Shop for necessary ingredients beforehand and spend the night cooking and eating the meals that you have created. If you can’t cook, you can either buy take-out meals or have them delivered into your home.

Board games – Playing board games, especially with kids or some friends, stimulate group activity. You could even play against each other and show off your competitive side without any physical contact.

Explore flea markets – You and your date could find some great items at your local flea market. You could even exchange gifts right on the spot.


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