Condom Use Negotiating Tips

Putting on a condom can drastically reduce the risk of getting infected with HIV.  However, not everybody likes to wear one during sex.  If you prefer having protected sex, then insist on doing so.  You have every right to protect yourself and your health.

Talk to your partner first

Before having sex, talk to your partner that you prefer having a condom.  If both of you agree on that, you can even enjoy selecting and buying condoms together as a preparation.

Have condoms with you

Plan ahead and keep condoms with you if you think you might want to have sex.  If your partner does not have a condom, give him one.

Insist on having a condom

Your partner may do or claim everything just to have unprotected and unsafe sex.  It is best to tell your partner that this is your way of protecting each other.  For instance, your partner may claim that he or she does not have any kind of disease, but anyone can have sexually transmitted infections and not even know it.  If your partner does not like the feel of rubber during sex, provide some ultra-sensitive condoms.


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  1. While letting sex “just happen” may feel romantic, it doesn’t go very far to protect your health. Simply ask, ‘You have protection right?’ If they said ‘no’ then tell them ‘no condom no sex, and no STDs

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