Dates for Under $20


You are planning a romantic date with your partner. You nervously check your wallet only to discover that the date would only depress your already depressed wallet.

Fortunately, there are great wallet-friendly dates. You don’t need to take your partner to a 5-star hotel or watch a Broadway show just to have that romantic feeling you have in mind. Sure, a date in a high-end French restaurant complete with a string quartet will make you and your partner beyond happy. But the joy will evaporate once the bill arrives.

But why spend so much to have a great time with your partner? A date should be fun and adventurous and romantic at the same time. Here are 5 ideas for under-$20 but memorable dates:

Watch a movie

If you’re into movies, you can check out theaters that screen second-run movies. These are much cheaper compared to newly released films. Just make sure that you will enjoy the featured movie.

You can also rent DVDs from the nearest video shop and have a movie marathon at home. Pick a variety of films – romantic comedy, horror, or drama. You may want to watch these movies on a rainy day for added ambiance.

Happy hours

Many bars and restaurants have happy hours. You can look for them in the local newspaper or search in the Internet. Look for happy hours that offer 50% off on selected foods and beverages.

Also look for bars and restaurants that have live bands, for maximum dating experience. You can have great foods and great drinks, plus the fun and the adventure, without stressing your wallet.

Museum tour

Many museums have free admission. Some offer free entry or discounts on certain occasions. The same goes for art exhibitions and galleries also. You can read the newspaper or search the Internet for museums and art galleries that are free to the public.

If you are not a big fan of arts, you can still visit museums just for the thrill of experiencing something new. Remember; make sure that the date will not bore your partner to death.

Date in an amusement park

A date in an amusement park is perfect if you want to have some fun. You may want to try the roller coaster and other thrill rides such as the twister, top spin, or chair swing.

If you want to be kids again, there are the ferries wheels, teacup rides, go-carts, and merry-go-rounds. You may also want to scare the hell out of each other in a house of horror or a horror train.

A walk in the park

A walk in the park can be a really fun date. Take two scoops of ice cream and take a walk. If you are tired walking, you can sit on the grass while eating hotdogs or cotton candies.

You can have fun by watching and observing people. One alternative is to plan a picnic in the park. You only need a small blanket, a home-made sandwich or fruits, and a bottle of wine. Then enjoy the moment by having fun talks.


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