Dinner and Movie Date Ideas

Whether it is your first date with a complete stranger or one-hundredth with your spouse, a dinner-and-movie date is the easiest to set up. However, doing the same dating routine over and over can become boring the moment you open the menu.

Bonny Albo of About.com shares some ideas that would make your dinner-and-movie date more inventive and memorable.

Make it thematic – Why not match your dinner with the movie you are about to watch? Whether your are watching a movie at home or in a theater, a simple switch to what you would usually dine in could turn ordinary date nights into an exciting experience. Are you about to watch an Asian martial arts film? Eat out at a local tea house and sample on some heart-warming dim sum. Playing a scary movie in your DVD? Recreate a Halloween feast right in your living room.

Brunch and a matinee – A dinner-and-movie date need not involved large crowds, a movie rental store, and takeout joints. A stress-free–and cheaper–alternative is to have lunch in a restaurant, which are usually less expensive than dinnertime fare, and
watch matinee screenings for a fraction of the nighttime screening cost.

Eat out in a drive-in movie theater – Take advantage of drive-in theaters in your local area. This set-up can even be more relaxed as you and your date dress up in your pajamas, bring your favorite snacks, and cuddle up together in the backseat.

Dinner theaters – Some cities have dinner theaters, wherein you watch live theater as you partake on your steak. It is an unusual way of getting entertained while your stomachs become full. Some dinner theaters even ask the audience to participate in the story. You can even cap the evening with a cup of coffee in a nearby cafe or after-dinner dessert.

Source: About.com


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