Factors That Determine Compatibility

shutterstock_137081855Every relationship is based on many factors. Although this might differ from one couple to the next, there are certain things that they may have in common. It is called compatibility. Many successful relationships are based on how compatible a couple may be. Partners sometimes need to have something in common in order to work. Compatibility between two people may come from different areas. Here are some of them.

Appearance And Looks

There are some people who may be compatible in terms of their appearance. Their taste in fashion, grooming and looks may be somewhat common. People who are compatible in this area will sometimes be told that they look like each other.


Some couples click because they think alike. It is also because they seem to have the same level of intelligence that allows them to understand each other. Sometimes people with a varying level of intelligence may always be in conflict because they may have a different way of looking at things.


Couples can also be compatible according to the lifestyle they follow. This is usually applicable to people who may follow a strict lifestyle. Only people who follow the same lifestyle can fully understand the type of lifestyle they live. Those who follow a vegetarian lifestyle will surely be more comfortable and feel understood by a fellow vegetarian.

Economic Class

Compatibility from an economic view may also work for many couples. Although not impossible, it is difficult for couples from different economic backgrounds to live together. To avoid such conflicts, some people tend to find someone who belong to the same economic class as they are.


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