First Date Options

shutterstock_116764750Are you planning your first date? You may be worrying about what to do or where to go. You want to plan carefully in order to impress your date. The key thing here is that you should not be planning the date all by yourself. You need to get the inputs of your potential date on the matter. If you leave all the planning to what you want to do and leave your date out of the equation, then prepare for disaster waiting to happen.

Before you plan what to do on your first date, it is important that you know what your date will be expecting on your first time going out together. Except for a blind date, you need to get certain things into perspective to plan for the first date more effectively. Once you do, there are certain first date options that you can consider. Here are some common ones.

Sober Dates

These are dates for people who do not drink. It is usually a dinner date without the alcohol. The advantage of this type of first date is that two people can talk to each other sensibly. There is no concern for beer or wine getting in the way of the conversation. There is also no worry about anyone doing crazy things because of too much alcohol. But the disadvantage of a sober date is when two people do not really know how to keep a conversation going. Sometimes, a bit of alcohol can help lower the guards down a bit and start talking.

Activity Dates

These are dates that are based on doing a common activity. It is usually something that both dates would like doing. You can go out bowling for your first date if you both like the sport. You can also go to a skating rink or head to a dance hall to engage in some ballroom dancing. A benefit of this type of date is that both will be enjoying a common activity together. It can easily build some better rapport. It also helps that the couple focuses on some activity and not on spending too much time on creating date-related conversations. Some people are not just comfortable with a date that involves a lot of questioning. A possible downside to any activity date is if the other may not be that good in doing a chosen activity. In such a case, the date can easily become awkward and boring to the other.

Drink Dates

These are first dates that may involve alcohol. It is okay for a first date if both parties agree to it and that if drinking is taken in moderation. Its benefit is that alcohol is such an effective relaxant. People who feel nervous during the first meeting may feel more relaxed after taking a drink. Some people become at ease in making good conversation after having a drink of wine or beer. It is also easier to prolong or discontinue, depending on where the date is heading and how much alcohol one can take. If you do not like where the date is going, you can always cut it short after that first one drink. A possible problem is when a date do not know how to handle all the alcohol. It is also not a good date to have if one prefers no alcohol drinking at all.

Explore Dates

This type of date is all about exploring a certain neighborhood or surroundings. There are several surprises that both of you can discover just by simply walking around. It may not be a typical date and can also offer some of the most memorable experiences for a first meeting. There are just many unexpected things to discover on explore dates. One tradeoff however is that wandering around endlessly can be quite tiring. The weather can sometimes work against you and make the date uncomfortable as you do some exploration.


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