How To Tell If He Likes You, Or Just Wants A Fling

How To Tell If He Likes You, Or Just Wants A Fling

How To Tell If He Likes You, Or Just Wants A Fling ?  Listen ladies take your time and have self control, do not jump in bed with him and then expect him to commit to a real relationship.  If you want a relationship then take your time and demand a relationship. When you jump into bed to early, the relationship starts with sex instead of deep connection or love. I wish I could get every woman to stop believing that if they behave like a man then they will land a man.  This is insane, they want a woman and they know deep down that if you had any self worth you would not just jump in bed with anyone, especially if you are wanting a committed relationship.

Dating Coach, Dawn Donohoo

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  1. Good video but I have something to add. This may sound cynical, but you can pretty much tell if a man (or woman) is interested in a long term relationship by looking at their relationship history. Despite what they tell you, a person who has a series of short term flings will probably not want to settle down. They may TELL you that you’re special and that’s why they are ready to settle just for you, but even if it’s true, cheating may happen in the future. (This is from observing thousands of cases as a dating and relationship coach in the past 9 years.)

  2. there is no better way to tell if a guy just want to hit it than his constant demand for your back on his bed against all odd. I am a guy and I pretty much date a lot of girls, I am also a commander in the field of men dating. I respect the tough hard to get ones but the easy one who want to jump into my bed and then try to get me committed, they are too many and one day I will marry the tough one. But there is a difference between the teenage girl who is yet experimenting and the matured chicks, the teenagers would likely not take advice, not in the next century until they’ve tried it out.

    I guess with little more time they would all know what works

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