How To Tell If Your Date Is Interested In You

How To Tell If Your Date Is Interested In You

Dating can be fun, exciting and nerve-wracking all at the same time. You can have fun going out with a guy you are interested in. But you can also get uneasy trying to discover whether you click together during your first meeting. There are ways for you to find out if your date likes you. Here are some of the things to watch out for.

You hear the word “You’re” a lot in conversations.

During your conversations with your date, try to watch out for certain words to indicate if he is interested. One of the words to look for is “You’re” in conversations, which is pertaining to you. If the word is followed by words associated with admiration, then that is a sign that he is really interested in you. When he says, “You’re funny” every time you make a joke, that say a lot as opposed to him saying, “That’s funny.” It shows that his admiration is now centered on you.

He becomes quiet in the middle of your date.

Sometimes, you can mistake the silence that your date is exhibiting in the midst of your date as a lack of interest on his part. But the silence can also mean that he is really attracted to you. A man can sometimes become quiet during the date because he may already be contemplating his overwhelming attraction with you. Sometimes he may feel unsure and trying to make sense of it all in his mind. He doesn’t realize that he has become quiet all of a sudden. So the next time, you see your date suddenly becoming quiet during your date, do not conclude hastily that he is not interested. Try to look for other signs of what he really feels before you make up your mind.

He starts asking deep and probing questions about you.

That may sound creepy to you, but when a guy starts asking more than the generic questions about you and your life, it shows his growing interest. When he starts asking “how” or “why” as follow-up questions, that means that he is trying to get to know you more. A man who does that is someone who is interested.

He mentions your name a lot.

Another sign that a guy is interested in you is when you hear him say your name a lot. Whether it is during the time he is asking you questions or just simply out of nothing, the fact that he is saying your name with enthusiasm shows that he likes you. When a man becomes comfortable saying your name, he feels that you have so much chemistry together. And with that chemistry comes the attraction.


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