How To Tell If Your Girlfriend’s a Psycho

How To Tell If Your Girlfriend’s a Psycho

1. Pay attention, a delusional person spends more time in fantasy world than in reality.

2. Does she obsess over her physical appearance to the extent that it is a problem?

3. Does she dress like she is single even when you are together?

4. If she is blatantly flirting with others in front of you, confront her and let her know that you refuse to be manipulated

5. Ask your friends what they think of your girl

6. If she continues to flirt with other men then she is testing you. She is insecure!

7. Does she pick fights?

8. Even the most lovable women in the world still have a little crazy!

Guys make sure that your girlfriend does not have a Histrionic personality disorder, this showing these behaviors- constantly seek attention, need frequent reassurance on appearance and behave in a sexually seductive manner.

Remember that we are all a little crazy but just a little. That being that there may be one week and usually just like three days in the month where we can get a little tense or emotional. I would suggest hanging out with your guy pals during this time, and if you are going to be around during the crazy times remember to have fun and just get a giggle out of her. Chances are she knows that she is being a little unreasonable and just can’t control herself.

Dating Coach, Dawn Donohoo



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