Myths About Masturbation

Through the years, sexual awareness is one aspect of human life that has been repressed by mainstream society, making it seem that sex is an evil deed when it is not. After all, sex between a man and a woman creates life, right? Such awareness begins with the development of the reproductive organs during adolescence, and one activity that people do is to masturbate their organs to cause sexual sensations.

Masturbation is all about manipulating his or her genitals to the point of intense pleasure or orgasm. Although this can involve with another person, most of us think of masturbation as a very private act.

Masturbation allows a healthy way to express and explore one’s sexuality and to release sexual tension without all the associated risks of sexual intercourse such as pregnancy and STDs. It is a natural and normal mode of self-exploration and sexual expression. Ironically, after all the excitement of the moment has passed, many people find themselves filled with guilt and shame, thanks to the negative association with all kinds of sex.

But are those negative myths linked about masturbation true after all? Let’s all discuss it.

Masturbation is not real sex – People who masturbate tend to function better sexually when with a partner since they know their own body and have fulfilled sexual expression.

Only “losers” masturbate – Masturbation is a normal human activity, and it is not only done by “losers”. Jocks do it, so do cheerleaders, and—probably—even your parents.

Masturbation causes blindness, baldness, acne, hair on your hands, basically a lot of physical changes None of these have any basis. Twisted views on masturbation passed on through generations did nothing but to deprive people of releasing their sexual tension. Why not blame those physical changes to aging? 

People in relationships or married do not masturbate – Many couples masturbate mutually as an alternative to sexual intercourse. Remember that intercourse is not the only way to express sex.

Masturbation will stunt your growth – Stimulating your reproductive system has nothing to do with your growth hormones that are being developed in your pituitary gland (which is near your brain). If you want to grow, try sleeping more hours at night, since growth hormones (especially when young) only work when asleep. Or better yet, consult your doctor.

Masturbation causes sterility – This myth is commonly associated with men. Your healthy testicles will never run out of semen and sperm. If you release some semen after masturbation, your reproductive system just makes another batch of it.

Masturbation can be hurtful – Not necessarily, but your genitals would hurt if you masturbate too often. Getting irritated skin is normal unless you use plenty of water soluble lubrication next time.

Masturbation is sinful – That is something you will have to decide for yourself. But, when done in moderation—and not interfering with your school work, your job, or the rest of your life—masturbation seems to be a common, normal, and healthy way to get sexual satisfaction.

Not masturbating makes you healthier– Try not masturbating for a few months and notice some considerable changes in your body, such as irritability, difficulty concentrating, insomnia, and wet dreams.

Masturbating does nothing to the body – On the contrary, there are several benefits in masturbating. For one, it relieves menstrual cramps among women. On young men, it reduces embarrassing spontaneous erections, as well as the number of unwanted wet dreams. It also helps you battle with insomnia, stimulate the immune system, release mood-elevating hormones.



  1. I enjoy masturbation. My partner only complains of slow and weak erectin. Wat can i do?

  2. Masturbation is a life long sexual activity. Surveys show that anywhere from 70 to 95% of adult men and women masturbate.

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