Recession Dating Ideas

While more people are looking for love during times of financial hardship, said there are a lot of ways to create a romantic chemistry between two people without having to break the bank. These suggestions could save you a lot of money and would even save from the embarrassment of dating jitters.

Date using gift cards – Purchase gift cards and coupons from discount websites like,, and Procedures differ from site to site, but they offer great discounts to restaurants and other entertainment activities ranging from 5 to 50 percent. If you do not want to be embarrassed at being cheap, you can redeem the coupon while your date is in the restroom.

Look for cost-free outdoor activities – Dining out can be too awkward, expensive even. You do not even have to shell a lot of money to make an awesome date. Look for activities that do not cost a cent like biking, as well as visiting national parks and farmers’ markets.

Plan a date night at the park – If you really prefer to eat out, consider creating a picnic in a local park. Cook your own gourmet food or order take out, even plugging portable speakers on your iPod to create an ambient mood. End the date with a few chocolate-covered strawberries that the two of you could share.

Go for cultural activities – Culture junkies can get their fill in visiting libraries, museums, art galleries, and coffee shops that have poetry readings and acoustic performances.

Watch movies almost for free – Plan a romantic movie night right in your own home. Borrow a DVD from the local library or purchase a movie from Netflix or Redbox for just a fraction of the movie ticket cost. Watching it with just your date, and without the inconveniences of noisy moviegoers, can be so much fun.



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  1. This is a great article on how to keep dates on the inexpensive side. Dating can be a very expensive situation. Every little bit helps.

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