Senior Dating Ideas

senior walkWe are all never too old for love, even if you have reached your senior and still single. So what will you do if found someone who is just about your age that you find attractive? Why not grab the opportunity and ask for a date?

Just like if you are younger, the best way to enjoy a date is to keep an open mind, focusing on the things you have in common, and making your primary goal to simply having a good time. Here are some great dating ideas perfect for older adults.

Dance – Going to a dance club or ballroom is a great way to check each other’s chemistry. After all, you get to dance with one another, and it doesn’t matter if you have two left feet. Many ballrooms offer group lessons before the actual dancing, kind a like oiling up your rusty joints before getting back into the swing of things.

Picnic on the park – Spread a blanket on the best spot of the park and lay down the basket full of snacks and some wine (or bottled water, if you aren’t into alcohol). Picnic dates get you talk to each other more, and if you’re into "people watching" it would be a convenient venue as well. You can even make it more special by shopping together for picnic food such as sandwiches, fruits, and salads.

Charity auctions – If both of you happen to support the same causes, attend a charity auction. You would also have the chance of meeting other people, lessening the pressure of your first date. At the same time, you would be contributing into something that you both care about.

Sharing an activity together – Whether it’s tennis, golf (even mini-golf), or taking long walks, sharing an activity on the first date can help create a bond that could bring you closer as you stay in shape.

Visiting a museum – Attend a gallery walk or tour around the museum just the two of you. Check out each work and talk to your date about your opinion about the art, interpreting and analyzing each style. Expect lively conversations on this one.

Going to market – Checking out a farmers market or flea market is one good activity, especially if you or your date is not physically able enough to perform sports or dancing. Browse among the stall that offer so many different things that you and your date might interest in. Remember to keep the conversation flowing.

Attend a local fair – Is there an upcoming state or county fair? Why not go there! You would find a lot of fun things that you can do together, such as playing at the midway games, comparing notes about the 4-H projects, to strolling the grounds while getting to know each other.

Wine tasting – Visit a local winery and have some wine tasting. Even if you don’t know what’s the difference about Cabernet Sauvignon and Shiraz, or what on earth connoisseurs talk about the wine’s "legs," remember that wine is great for your health and it would be great to learn new things even at your age.

Book reading – If both of you enjoy reading books, this activity is perfect for both of you. You can either attend a reading at a local bookstore or make up a book club between the two of you, comparing notes about your book of the month. End your date with coffee and dessert.


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