Sensitive Conversations During A Date

shutterstock_129484943Dating can be either a memorable or a forgettable experience, depending on how you treat it. A majority of the time that you spend on a date involves conversation. Dating talk allows you to know more about your dating partner and vice versa. However, you should also be careful of the topics that you take up during your conversations.

A conversation can turn interesting or it can turn sour, depending on how you treat certain issues. Your date may consider you interesting or just full of air by the way you handle the conversation. There are certain topics that are not necessarily off-limits during dates. However, it is on how you treat them that will either give you plus or minus points. Here are some common sensitive issues that you should look out for during your dating conversations.

Use of Compliments

The way you use compliments to praise your date can be a two-edged sword. Either it can feel a woman special or it can leave them feel degraded. There is a proper way of using compliments. For example, complimenting a woman on her dress is okay. But expounding on how it matches with the decor of the restaurant on your dinner date may be out of hand. You can compliment her on how beautiful her eyes are. However, praising her for her chest size may not give you the same reaction. Be careful on how you give your compliments to avoid making your date uncomfortable.

Level of Intelligence

Women may like intelligent men, but there are certain limits. There are women who like men because the can make intelligent and meaningful conversations during dates. But women dislike men who boast about what they know and make an effort to let their date know about it. You might have the talent to give all the scientific names of the plants you see at the restaurant. However, that does not mean that your date has to know about them. Be careful of how you use your level of intelligence as an asset for you during your date. Try to find out which topics your date likes to talk about and take it from there. But avoid trying to force what you know to give her a sense of your intelligence level. It will not help you make a good impression at all with your date. Be modest, but make your knowledge keep the conversation going forward and interesting.

Work and Money

At some instance during the date, your conversation will lead to talk about work or money. Some men may like to boast how much money they have or how hard they work to be successful. Women may react differently to this topic. Not all women look for men with money. They just want to know someone who shows some air of stability and ambition. They do not necessarily want to know about how much you have on your bank account or where you plan to spend it. In the same way, women sometimes do not want someone who is very busy at work. They want someone who they can spend time with. If they sense that you are quite busy with your work all the time, then they may have second thoughts about you, despite all your money and career success.


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