Signs That Marriages Will Not Last

Signs That Marriages Will Not Last

Marriages are consummated with the purpose of making the relationship last. It is essentially a contract where two people agree to stay together through thick and thin, for better or for worse. But sometimes, no matter how much couples would like to stay together, some marriages just would not last. It has to do with certain characteristics in the relationship that may be present even before the actual marriage takes place. Looking out for these signs may help prevent a marriage fall out in the future. Here are some of them.

Being Too Judgmental or Critical
One of the signs that a relationship may not last well into a marriage is when couples become too judgmental or critical of each other. Although a little bit of constructive criticism now and again would not hurt. But when taken to the extreme, it can do damage into a relationship. A marriage built upon a habit of criticism over each other will not usually last.

Overdependence on the Relationship
To say that a relationship success relies on dependence on each other may not always be true. A relationship can have partners becoming too dependent on each other that it can no longer be a comfortable setup for one or the other. If a partner says that he or she cannot live without the other can be an indication of being overly dependent. And being overly dependent on a partner in the relationship can be a sign of personal insecurity. To say that one cannot live with a partner may not be a healthy in any relationship.

Lack of Priority in the Relationship
While some couples may be perfect and complementary to each other that marriage is a sure decision, it should not be the sole reason to get into one. Couples should also be looking into their priorities as well. A perfect couple may both be career-driven and put more of their time into their personal success. It can be easy for such couples to put less priority into their relationship. Couples who are planning to get married should first try to determine their life priorities and make sure that the relationship is somewhere on the top of the list. Only then will a relationship last well into a marriage.

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