Top Bad First Date Ideas

Top Bad First Date Ideas

First dates can be quite exciting. You get to know better someone that you have been eyeing for a long time. Or it might just be someone you casually met recently at a party or gathering. You feel that you need to make a good impression. You are looking for a good idea for a first date. While there are a lot of options available for you, there might also be some ideas that will only result in a bad date. Here are some bad first date ideas to avoid.

Date at a family event

A first date should always be as neutral as possible. Meeting your family may not be ideal for a first date. Although it may sound that you are trying to let your date know more about who you are, meeting family members only become awkward. It may be too early to do so, since you have not yet established a firm base with your date. You should reserve this idea after you have gone through several more dates.

Meeting your friends date

Just like meeting family members, a first date should not include meeting friends. It may be acceptable if you both have mutual friends to go on a double date. But if not, then it is better of you exclude your friends on your first date. Your date may feel the burden of being the only “rose among thorns” if you meet with friends on your first date.

Dating in a club

Even if your favorite pastime is to go clubbing, it may not be ideal for a first date. You go to clubs in order to find dates. But once you do find one, look for a more comfortable venue where you can talk with your date. Just imagine having to shout at each other to converse inside a club. It will not be an ideal spot to get to know your date better.

Sports bar date

Even though you find out that your date is also a sports buff, a first date in a sports bar may not be a good idea. The sporting event you are trying to watch may only interfere with the objective of a first date, and that is to know your partner better. You will just end up staring at the TV most of the time. The date may even end up on a sour note if your favorite team loses.

Date at a barbecue joint

Going to a barbecue joint on a first date may be awkward. There is always this risk of getting barbecue sauce when you eat. And besides, eating barbecue with your hands and continuously gnawing at the thing is not just sexy. Both of you might end up feeling conscious and will not enjoy the food because you do not want to look bad in front of your date. Reserve such a date only after you have met each other a few more times.


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