Wrong Places To Pick Up Women

47There are many places where men can find, meet, and even flirt with women. Some places offer different opportunities to hook up with ideal women for a relationships. There are also some places that may not be as productive, so to speak. Besides that, there are also other places where picking up women is always a no-no. Men should avoid certain places when hooking up with women. Here are some examples of such places.

Funeral Memorial Service

Certain places are just not ideal for hooking up with women. One of them is at a funeral. Some guys may think that it will be easy to meet up with women in such places since they may feel so vulnerable while contemplating their mortality. However, most women do not really think about starting relationships at a funeral, much more hooking up for a date. For one, women may figure you to be someone who may just be taking advantage over the situation, considering the grave and somber circumstances at the memorial service. It may be wise to just show respect to the dearly departed and leave the potential hook ups to some other day.

Doctor’s Clinic

Some guys may think that a doctor’s clinic may be a good place to hook up with some women patients. However, it may be a big mistake. When women go to clinics, they usually are concerned or worried about their health or condition. Dating or meet ups are far away from their minds. Most women in this situation will normally perceive your advances as crazy, foolish and out of place. The least you can experience is outright rejection. Besides that, you might be trying to hook up with someone with a potentially serious and contagious health condition. It is a better option to leave the clinic out of your list as a potential pick up place.

Office Business Meetings With Clients

Hitting on women at a business meeting may not be a good idea. Career women are very particular when it comes to work. At business meetings, they sometimes may be in battle mode. If you veer away from the agenda and try to hit it off with an attractive career woman at the meeting, you might just be hit with a rejection. Worse yet, you might be rejected in front of your colleagues or your boss. That is not a good professional move on your part. It is best to avoid mixing business with pleasure. That is all you need to know.

Swimwear or Lingerie Section

If there is a place where you can surely find women at a mall, it is at the swimwear or lingerie section. You can always find a woman there trying out swimwear and other things. But if you wish to start hitting on the women there, then you might need to think again. You might be branded as a creep out to stalk on women. Men are already out of place just by being on this section of the mall. There is no need to make it worse by hitting it off with the ladies there.


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