6 Questions That Go Through His Head Before He Asks You Out

6 Questions That Go Through His Head Before He Asks You Out

The usual rules I’ve put on myself hold true for the first-date process:

How long do I wait to actually ask her out?

Great. I have her number, but should I call or text?

I’m the one who suggested we go out, so should I have something in mind already?

Should I do something offbeat and cool, or do the standard dinner and drinks?

Should I go expensive or economy?

Do I suggest a weekend or weekday?

Who would of known that asking us girls out would be so stressful for a guy? My advice  for guys is if this is you then just relax. Most women are not that hard to please. It really is very simple. The idea is to plan something that you are comfortable with, just make sure you feed her and if you have a small budget just pick a place with a great atmosphere. Now, never plan a full weekend first date, some women do not have a full weekend and most women would think that the full weekend is just too much when first getting to know someone.  The idea is not how expensive the date is, or how much it really stands out. The idea is if the two of you connect. This only happens when you relax and are yourself! So guys, just relax and remember that if it is meant to be then it will be. Go on that date and know deep down that you are a great catch and she will see it too!

Dating Tips and Dating Coach,  Dawn Donohoo


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  1. Having “fun” is the most important thing. As long as you are both having fun, it will be great.

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