Dating 101: Developing Chemistry

shutterstock_158249282Dating takes work and preparation in order to be a success. You need to prepare yourself from head to foot, not to mention readying conversation topics, questions to ask and possible activities to do. The purpose of why you are doing this is not just to create a good impression but also to develop some chemistry once you meet your date. You can work your way into great chemistry with your date. Here are some tips you can try out.

Get the heart racing.

There is a reason why scary movies make a great date. It is not just to have the chance to hold your date’s hands or hug her. It can also get her heart racing and excited. According to studies, humans can attribute such physiological responses to sexual attraction. When the adrenalin gets pumping and excitement is in the air, it usually has the resemblance of sexual arousal. Attraction will then develop and chemistry is created.

Mimic your date’s actions.

Another way to create some chemistry with your date is when you try to mimic her movements. Try to mirror whatever she is doing. Try to sit like the way your date is sitting. Try to follow here movements without being too obvious. From a subconscious standpoint, your date may find the similarities comforting. It will appear that you are on the same wavelength. This will help build up the chemistry and forge a stronger connection.

Make frequent eye contact.

Eye contact is important when you are talking to your date. It helps create a connection, which can develop into chemistry. But make sure not to overdo it or you will come out crazy and weird in front of your date. Frequent eye contact, if done the right way, conveys the idea that you are genuine, serious and intent of knowing more about your date. You never take her for granted when she is speaking. She will notice this

Talk about pleasurable topics.

One way to help building chemistry easier is by choosing to talk about things that both of you like. A stimulating conversation can help build a stronger connection between people than a lively debate. Debating can put you on different sides, creating reason for conflict. Try to avoid this if you wish to build some chemistry. Try talking about something pleasurable, something that both of you can agree on.


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