First Date Conversations

First Date Conversations

1. Future Goals and Dreams
Asking about future dreams and goals is a great way to get a conversation moving and at the same time uncover a great deal of information about potential compatibility. After discovering that his dream of working a hotdog stand in the winter to fund his surfing habits in the summer may in fact be extremely interesting– you may opt to immediately place him in the friendship (rather than relationship) category.

2. Pets
Pets and love of animals, in general, is another safe topic that has a dual compatibly component built into it. If you are the type to cart your Chihuahua around in your purse yet your new love interest “understands” where Michael Vick is coming from– chances are your relationship is doomed.

3. Travel
Unless reminiscing about past Spring Break conquests, travel is always a safe and interesting topic for a first date. Try to pick out little anecdotes that go along with a past journey that will further deepen the conversation– like a fabulous restaurant you discovered by talking with the locals.

4. Favorite Things
Favorite things such as actors, movies and music is always a sure bet. Remember to ask direct questions such as, “Who is your favorite actor?” rather than, “What actors do you like?” By narrowing it down, your date can focus in on some of the qualities that make his pick a favorite, giving you a bigger picture into his likes and dislikes.

5. Hobbies
Hobbies and things you do in your spare time are great conversation starters and can really serve as an ice breaker, especially if your date shares some common interests.

I have seen all kinds of advice on the internet about first date topics and conversations to have. I found this one the best though. It is short and right to the point. All five of these topics are good and make for an interesting night. There is nothing more intriguing than to hear about someone’s goals and interest. I know for me personally, I get more attracted to a man who has dreams and desires. I love to hear about things that make them tick. I want to know what inspires a person. Talking about future goals, dreams and hobbies are perfect 1st date conversations.

Remember to leave topics such as politics, religion and money out of the first date and do not converse about the ex either.  It takes time to get to know someone and spilling your whole soul to quickly take from the mystery of who you are. Leave a little mystery to the puzzle of your soul and make them work hard to put all the pieces together. Politics and religion are parts of your beliefs that really bare your soul. Make sure they have put the effort in to get to know your beliefs in this area as well.

Dating Coach, Dawn Donohoo


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  1. i would love to start a nice conversation with my boyfriend.

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