First Date Safety Tips

shutterstock_128809498First dates tend to feel exciting for some people. But it can also be worrying. People always expect to have a fun, if not constructive, first date. No one wants to have a traumatic experience for a first date. Safety should always be your first concern. Here are some first date safety tips that you should try to heed.

Look out for red flags.

Try to be aware of the common first date red flags before you even agree to the first meeting. Try to know who your date is before you proceed on meeting him. Be aware of certain personality traits that might concern you. If there is something that makes you uncomfortable, always trust your instincts. If he comes too fast or sends sexual innuendos your way, that may be a potential red flag. If talks center on past relationships and experiences, it may also be another red flag. If your potential date seems to be taking control over every aspect of your first meeting, then alarm bells should be sounding loud and clear. Be aware of these red flags that may compromise your safety on the first date.

Talk on the phone first.

If you wish to be sure of who you will be meeting with, try to get them on the phone to talk with you first. Having a phone chat can tell you a lot about your date. The way he speaks, his intentions and how he sounds may all provide clues if he may be someone you can trust and meet up on a date face-to-face. But even then, you should not solely depend on what you hear on the phone. You should take other precautions to ensure that you are safe.

Don’t go out alone.

The best way to feel secure on your first date is if you have someone tag along with you. Have someone accompany you to the meeting place and introduce him or her to your date. This way, you can set up a situation where your date knows that someone is looking after you. A genuine person will not mind this at all. But a dubious date will be alarmed about this and will have reservations about doing something suspicious.

Get out if you feel the situation getting too weird.

As the date proceeds, you get to talk with your date and know him better. But then, something unexpected may happen. You feel that the date may be getting weird. It may be because of the conversation topics, your date’s personality trait or his actions towards you. Trust your instincts if you begin to feel uncomfortable on how the date is going. Try to find a way to excuse yourself or end the date. It pays to have a plan ready if you need to get out of an uncomfortable situation.

Devise an exit plan.

Before you proceed with your date, it always pays to have an exit plan in place. You may want to

Have a friend to help you out. When you feel that a date may not be going the way as you expected, you can send a message to call you. Create a situation where you need to go to a family emergency and that you need to cut the date short. It will be an effective way to get out of a first date that you think may not be something that you expected.


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