Reasons Why Men Prefer Older Women

Reasons Why Men Prefer Older Women

People have certain preferences when it comes to relationships. Aside from the physical attributes that attract men to certain women, other factors such as age, ethnicity and personality are also important. A majority of men prefer relationships with younger women. However, there are also some men who prefer older women. Here are some of the common reasons why some men prefer older women.

More Assertive

There are men who prefer women leading. They do not always like to be the ones suggesting everything and tell females what needs to be done once in a while.  There are men who want women to take the lead in the relationship. This is usually possible when men develop a relationship with older women. It is less awkward for men to let go of the reins in this setup.

At Ease With Physical Intimacy

Aside from older women being more assertive, they are also more comfortable when it comes to the intimate stuff. Experiences from previous relationships usually work well for older women in this aspect of relationships. Some men yearn for women who are at ease and are more secure showing their intimate side. It is one reason why men prefer older women in relationships.

Less Pressure

Older women tend to be more patient when it comes to settling down. Divorcees who have been there and done that are usually more appreciative of having the relationship take its normal course. This tends to put less pressure in men when it comes to taking the next step in the relationship. Men feel more at ease with the relationship knowing that older women they are dating tend not to rush things.


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