Signs Your Date May Be Avoiding A Romantic Relationship

Signs Your Date May Be Avoiding A Romantic Relationship

People may have different reasons for dating. Some consider dating as a chance to meet someone and hopefully start a romantic relationship. Some prefer dating to always remain casual and not go beyond that setup. It is possible for two people with different dating objectives to meet up and the results are not always good. Most people always prefer dating as a prelude to establishing a more endearing relationship of the romantic kind. It is just sometimes unfortunate that they get to meet with dates who prefer things to remain casual. To avoid such predicaments, here are some possible signs to determine whether your date is not after a romantic relationship.

Date avoids emotional connections.

While your date is open to having some physical intimacy with you, that does not necessarily mean that the relationship may be going somewhere. One way to determine whether your date is looking after romance like you are is if he or she is open to emotional intimacy. Emotional intimacy requires some level of vulnerability and openness towards the other person they are emotionally linked to. It requires sharing genuine feelings with each other. If your date is not comfortable sharing personal or emotional feelings with you even after several dates, then he or she may prefer keeping your relationship casual.

Your date is different now than when you first met.

Some people are really good at hiding their true self. You may have dated someone who you first thought to be the perfect person for you. But over the course of your dates, you begin to notice a sudden change in what you first noticed from your date. This may be a good sign that your date may not be that serious when it comes to establishing relationships. Your date may be good in trying to make a good impression on your first few dates together. If you notice a sudden about face of that impression over time, you may be dating someone who is not just that serious about taking your relationship to the next level.

Your date avoids staying too close to you.

People who prefer dates to remain in a casual setting avoid getting too close. Whenever you start to get close, they always have reasons to distance themselves and avoid you. If you have a date that has this attitude, then you are likely dating someone who is just after a casual relationship and nothing else.


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