Signs Your Date May Not Be Serious With You

Signs Your Date May Not Be Serious With You

Dating is a great way to find someone whom you can be in a relationship with someday. But there are also certain risks involved. But you sometimes have to take your chances. There are instances where you may think you already found the ideal date but end up discovering that he or she may not be serious enough to get into the relationship. Here are some signs that will help you determine if you are dating a potential player and not a keeper.

All talk, no action

Sometimes your date may be quite the engaging and interesting companion to have. But that is not all you have to look for if you are intending to find someone to be in a relationship with in the future. A date with substance knows what he or she is talking about and backs that up with their actions. Some dates unfortunately only try to impress you with great words. But their actions are lacking.

Noticing certain inconsistencies with your date

Inconsistencies can tell a lot about a date. They may say one thing and then do the other. Your date may tell you that he or she like to know you. But then they do not find the time to spend it with you. They talk about being serious into relationship and yet you see something different from the social media about them. The inconsistencies you see, the more likely your date may not be telling you the real scoop.

Afraid to talk about the next step

Some dates just want to have fun and enjoy having someone for company.  Sure, you enjoy the time as well. But if you are someone who wants to start something more serious, the you  might just get into getting into such conversations with your date.  If your date feels awkward or tries to avoid such topics, then it is a sign your date may have a fear about getting into a serious relationship.


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