When Not to Date

manOther people may say that everyday is a great day to meet a potentially great date, but in reality there are times when it is better to give dating a break.  There are different scenarios and circumstances-whether you like it or not-that would not look great on you if the dating partner learns about it.  If you are currently in one or more of these situations, perhaps you may want to rethink your dating strategy.

Your long-term relationship ended in the past six months

Long-term relationships take their toll when they end, even if you did not marry your partner.  Dating someone very soon after your breakup would only result on a rebound relationship, which would only result in a much nastier breakup.  You need to have your mind cleared and your heart ready before thinking about dating again.

Someone close to you recently passed away

If you have just dated someone or are meeting new people before that tragic situation, it may be better to take a dating break for several months.  Grief can hit you differently, so it is best to give yourself some time to work through your loss before getting involved with a new date.

You are without a job, house, or both

Although it is true that people lose their jobs and relocate all the time, but that fact that you do not have a place to call home or a steady source of income could actually scare some potential dates.  Focus your money and energies into finding a job and immediate shelter first.

You are separated, but not divorced

Even your lawyers would discourage you from dating another person while you are managing a legal breakup with your former marital partner.  Give yourself a break for several months-the length depends on how long you have been married-as you try to get over so many emotions before thinking about dating again.

You have an unresolved addiction or mental health issues

If you are undergoing therapy or rehab, in recovery, or are no longer suffer from mental health or addiction disorder, there is no reason to stop dating.  However, if you are-for instance-addicted to prescription medicines, suicidal, or are not actively working towards your recovery, it would be better to avoid dating until you have beaten the odds.


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