Words To Avoid Using During Dates

Words To Avoid Using During Dates

Dating is a time for knowing someone you like a little bit better. It is possible through the conversations you make. During a first date, you may be concerned about what subjects or topics you wish to talk about. Whatever topic it may be, just make sure that it is not something offensive or insulting to your date. In the same manner, you should also be aware of what words you choose to use during your dating conversations. Here are some words that you need to avoid.

“My Ex”

Any talk about your former partner, lover or date is a no-no during your date. Mentioning it during your conversations can be a cringe-worthy moment and can potentially lead to an awkward situation. Try to avoid using these words during a date or any conversation related to a previous relationship. The only exception would be if a date asks about it. But most of the time, they do not.


This word is surely not something that anyone wants to hear, let alone on a date. The word comes with a negative connotation that just does not sit well in any dating conversation. If you can, try to steer clear of using the word when you try to talk about yourself or your date. You may be able to use it once you get to know each other better.


Surprisingly, this seemingly harmless word can sometimes cause confusion or frustration. It is not such an exciting word to say during conversations. Use it as a reply and you will sometimes be either portrayed as feeling bored or are not sure about something. Instead of saying “okay” to questions, try to be more precise with what you mean. Say “No” if you mean no and “Yes” if you mean yes. “Ok” is sometimes in the middle ground that can cause confusion.


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