5 Power-Packed Dating Strategies

5 Power-Packed Dating Strategies

It’s all in the eyes

In her book, How To Make Anyone Fall In Love With You, author Leil Lowndes claims that the act of staring into someone’s eyes can cause their nervous system to release a chemical called phenylethylamine (or PEA for short) which our bodies secrete when we fall in love. Studies show that gazing into your date’s eyes for about two minutes is all it takes to produce passionate feelings for you, so take advantage of this little secret to flood his bod with the love drug.

Let them know they have a shot

Studies show that finding out that someone we like, likes us back, actually intensifies our romantic feelings towards them. Yes, we actually become more attracted to people who are attracted to us. The hope (that a relationship may develop) allows our feelings to become stronger so be sure to let your date know that you’re attainable.

Make him work for it

Even in this day and age where it’s perfectly acceptable for women to behave more aggressively, never forget that men still love to chase. Always think of yourself as a prize that needs to be won over, and make your dates work a bit. You should meet at a place that’s convenient for you (he should travel further than you do, if possible) and end the date on your terms, preferably on a high note. Show some interest but let him wonder just how much you’re into him.

So, I picked the three dating strategies that I think are the most important. ” It’s all in the eyes” This is so true, I once fell so in love with a man who’s eyes spoke everything. I had to use my eyes as well. We worked together and It just wouldn’t have been very professional for the two of us to make it noticeable in front of everyone. Every time this man looked at me with those eyes I fell even more in love to the point that even after three years I still dream about him.  This is definitely a powerful trick!!

Next,  Let them know they have a shot. This is another powerful trick. I bet everyone has a story about someone that they never gave a second thought until they found out this person had a crush on them. I know I have definitely been there. So let the guy/girl know how you feel. Make sure you keep it subtle though. No one wants someone who is already whipped! The trick is to let them know they have a chance, now it is their turn to prove that they are deserving of it!

Lastly, Make him work for it.  I do not care how progressive this world is becoming. We are still completely human and there are characters about men and women that will never change. For instance a woman will always have a deep desire for a prince and a man will always want to be one. Guys are made to love adventure and competition. Let him have that fun with you. Do not play his role or you will never get to have yours!!

Dating Coach, Dawn Donohoo

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