Asking For a Phone Number

couple flirtAsking someone whom you are attracted to for something private such as a phone number can be nervous at first, as rejection is just around the corner. Most people are reluctant to give out their phone number and for a good reason. People have to be cautious with their personal information. However, there are ways to loosen that guard.

Reassure the person that you are safe – Simply be sincere and polite during your conversation. Never ask too many personal questions and don’t be pushy. Do not forget to smile.

Introduce yourself – You do not just approach a person and ask for his or her phone number, hoping that the person would be kind enough to give them to you. It is best to introduce yourself first and ask for his or her phone number nicely. Tell the other person that you want to arrange a coffee break or lunch break (in short, a date) in order to get to know each other.

Ask for other means of contact – If the other person refuses to give out his or her phone number, ask for their e-mail address instead. This allows the person to still protect his or her privacy, but still opening a door for contact.

Offer your phone number – Another way to assure the other person that you are a trustworthy person is to give your phone number or e-mail address. In a way you are reassuring that person that you wanted to date him or her, and not asking for his or her bank account.

Be thankful – Once he or she gives out the digits, don’t forget to thank the other person. Giving out private information is not easy to do, especially towards a stranger. If he or she still refuses, just say thanks and leave. That other person is probably not interested in you anyway.

Wait for a few days before calling – Do not appear to be overly-excited with the phone number you got. This demonstrates that you are not too eager to date him or her. When calling, be prepared to ask for a date, with a specific time and place in mind. If the person rejects your invitation, just treat the other person with respect and hang up. Do not be too pushy as to offering to change schedule (unless he or she asked for it), or asking to reconsider.


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