Asking Someone Out On a Date

asking for dateIf you like someone and want to know them more, you may have to ask them for a date. This is a standard practice for men, and it is increasingly becoming common among women. If you have someone in mind that you would love to go out with, breathe deeply and follow these guidelines.

Ask yourself first – Know why you are asking them out and if it is for the right reasons. Recognize your expectations as a result of them saying yes or no.

Saying no is a possibility – Be prepared that the person you ask may say no. If this happens, do not take the rejection personally and do not chase them as well. They maybe thinking of things and get back to you with a “yes” later.

Choose the right moment – See to it that the person you are asking is in a light mood. At certain instances, do not approach them when they are stressed out after work, while eating, or while with a group of friends.

Practice what you should say – Don’t think of the cheesiest pick-up line imaginable. A simple “Hi! My name is…and I was wondering if you are free for lunch today?” is enough. Practice what you might say in advance so that you don’t appear tongue-tied.

Do not ask with open-ended questions – Phrases like “Do you want to go out?” can lead to awkward follow-up conversations.

Do not ask with vague questions – Do not give a vague impression on your prospective date with questions such as “What are you doing Saturday night?”

Avoid asking them out while drunk – You may think that taking a shot before asking would boost your courage level, actually it’s not. It would backfire, too.

Prepare the place, date, and time, in advance – Before asking them out, be sure that you already have an idea where and when your date would be, just in case they say yes. In this way, you are showing that you are thoughtful.

Create a sense of trust immediately – If the person asks you why you want to date them, flatter about his or her personality. People can be wary and may want to know some reason behind your request. If she hesitates, try asking her to bring each other’s friends along.

Know what you are going to say – Tell your prospect what you want to suggest doing on the date. The other person will be more comfortable if they know exactly what you’re intentions are and what you want to do.

Do not pressure them into saying yes – If they want to think about it, let them. But don’t chase.

Smile – Bring out your positive personality. Be confident and happy to elicit a far more positive response.

Prepare for an alternative schedule – If they are unsure about their schedule, or your proposed date schedule conflicts theirs, provide a different date and time or location.

Intend to go on your date – Standing people up is a definite no-no in dating.


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