Cheap Holiday Gifts for Your Date

massage oilWith the end of this economy crunch seem to be far in sight, cutting back on expenses can be your answer to get through the hard times. However, if you are spending the holiday season with a new date, you should still give a good impression on your date so you do not end up being called a Scrooge.

And when we say "cheap holiday gifts," that does not give you permission to give your sister’s used lingerie or a coffee mug you got from one of your clients. There are tons of inexpensive gift suggestions you can find online, as well as in your local stores.

Aromatic oils

A bottle of essential oils that would bring all the senses into frenzy is a great gift for your date, as it suggests that you want to get intimate with her by offering her a soothing back rub. Prices for a bottle of massage oil range from US$8 to US$26.

A bottle of wine

There are many wine brands available at costs that do not require you to break bank. Check out for high-grade wine that costs below US$20. You can also try out and buy wine according to winery. Do note that prices depend on which state you live in.

Tea starter set

If your date is not into wine, try giving her a tea starter set. This gift lasts longer than a bottle of wine, as you only need a spoonful of loose tea leaves to make a pot of tea. Like wine, tea also comes in a variety of types that would suit your date’s specific liking. A tea starter set may also include canisters of tea leaves and a brewing pot.

Moleskine notebook

You can give your date one of these small bound notebooks so they have a great item to put in their thoughts, work schedule or whatnots. If they think this is too cheap, remind them of the great artists that also use Moleskines like Matisse, Hemingway, and Van Gogh.


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