Checking Your Date’s Financial Stability

Whenever we write down our list of what we look for in a romantic partner, the term “financial stability” would probably be at the bottom of the heap, even not at all. A person’s financial acumen–how he or she handles their money–is a good thing to consider in looking for a true companion, especially if you seeking for someone you want to grow old with.

It does not matter whether your date is currently rich or not. What you should be seeking is whether your partner would not be a total drag on your own financial stability. Kyle Psaty of PerkStreet provides these helpful tips to determine your date’s financial stability.

Focus on how they talk about their career – It is a good thing to evaluate your date’s thoughts on the future. One way to find that out is to pay attention to the way your date talks about his or her career. A response that is sheepish and lacking in confidence about what they want shows their lack of opinions about what they want from their financial future. A career is not just about earning money and enjoying the perks, but also about setting one’s self up for a comfortable life, especially after retirement.

Ask about how they live – It would be awkward to ask about your date’s income, so turn it around by asking about where they live. If your date still lives with his or her parents with no plans of moving out, or without a good reason, it is most likely because they are not financially independent. Imagine it as someone who can swim on his or her own, who can move even faster with you as a couple, and compare it to someone who cannot swim, who will only drag you deeper into the depths.

Check if your date refuses to pay the bill – It would be very uncomfortable to hear a date telling you that he is not paying for dinner because he does not know you well enough. You can let that slide the first time, but if your date keeps on showing that he cannot foot the bill on a planned date, then he would likely have difficultly planning the budget for his own wedding; and you do not want to be the bride on that one.

Beware of a date who insists on paying – It is already bad if your date refuses to pay for anything, but it is much worse if your date insists on paying for everything. A frivolous spender, regardless of your date’s income, shows a lack of understanding on the value of money. If your date keeps on bragging about how much money he has is unlikely to appreciate your generosity.



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