Choosing the Right Valentine's Day Gift

If you still have no idea what to give your Valentine in this year’s Day of Hearts, let professional matchmaker Samantha Daniels provide you with helpful tips in choosing the right gift for Valentine’s Day.

Cards are not enough – If you think that Valentine’s Day is just a Hallmark holiday, think again. Throw away the notion that this day is nothing more than a marketing scheme. Simply think of it as a day to show your beloved how much you care.

Equate your gift on how much you love your Valentine – If you and your date are just barely dating, a bouquet of flowers and a box of candies can be enough. You need to be careful that you do not go over the top that could scare your date off or give the wrong message. Meanwhile, your partner or spouse deserve more than just flowers and chocolates.

Make your Valentine proud of your gift – Women will always compare their Valentine’s Day gifts and experiences with their colleagues and friends. You do not want your lady left with nothing to brag about. However, it is not the most expensive gift that trumps in these water cooler discussions, but those that are sincere and romantic.

Lingerie can be a risky gift – Men tend to give lingerie for their women, thinking that it would give off a message that he finds her sexy. However, when buying lingerie, make sure your level of relationship is deep enough that the lady would not get offended after receiving intimate wear. Also, make sure you pick tasteful lingerie, especially if your partner is not into sleazy and edgy underwear.

Choose a gift that your partner, not you, would like – Valentine’s Day should not be an excuse to give a lady season basketball tickets, especially if she is not into the sport. Likewise, never give spa-related gifts for your men if they do not like to pamper themselves.

Choose a gift not because it is practical – Save the practical gifts for Christmas. Buy your partner something that he or she would like yet could not afford it. However, if you are tight on the budget, go for creative and sentimental gifts. For example, make handmade gift certificates that can be exchanged for a free back massage or a night at the movie of his or her choice.

Source: Huffington Post



  1. I have really been cracking my brains about how to give my girl a memorable val, I am a date coach but really, I was stuck here and you just got me unstuck. And “Lingerie can be a risky gift” was a good tip as we all are kinda wired to think stuff like that gives women those feelings of “belonging” but it really could put them off if not handled properly – like you said.

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