Choosing Your First Date Location

first dateIt does not really take rocket science to create a perfect first date. All it takes is a comfortable and enjoyable date done in a stress-free setting. When you have a hard time finding an ideal location for your first date, here are some suggestions.

Find somewhere affordable

First dates are simply about getting to know someone better, not about impressing your date at a fancy restaurant. Make your first date as affordable as possible for both parties. You can be extravagant on your date if you have established a romantic relationship.

Find a place where you can talk

Conversations matter a lot in first dates, which is why it is best to choose a location where both of you can comfortably talk to each other. You cannot talk much while watching the movies, or you and your date would have to shout at each other while in a bar.

Make it easy to find

A public place is the best venue for a first date, such as a park or a boardwalk. Also, it has to be within thirty minutes away for both parties, especially if you and your date live in the same city. If things go well on your first date, you can come up with the more unique and hard-to-find locations for your next dates.

Eliminate locations that require alcohol

Although an alcohol or two is not that bad for a first date, making it a requirement on your first date is like setting up for a disaster. Avoid dating for the first time on locations where drinking is a requirement or where your date may feel pressured to guzzle.

Choose an enjoyable location

Make your first date enjoyable for you and your date. Go out on a tennis court and learn some forehands, or practice some salsa on a dance studio. Just make sure that you leave some time for some interaction.


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