Common Dating Mistakes

shutterstock_126852815Going on a date can be nerve wracking for some people. Some go out of their way to make everything perfect. But there are times when people make some disastrous dating mistakes that can get in the way of a potential romantic relationship. Here are some of them.

Too High Expectations

Some people may have very high expectations of any date. Instead of it being just a casual meeting or introduction, some people can put more color into it. Even before the initial getting-to-know-you stage, there are people who make the mistake of thinking that it will lead to something else. People expect romance all too suddenly. In the process, they send out romantic overtures prematurely, causing the other person to become too overwhelmed or confused. This will cause people to feel uncomfortable that they want to get out of the date as fast as they can.

Forcing Conversations

Creating an awkward situation on a date can do a lot of damage. One of them is trying to force conversations to a point where a date may feel uncomfortable answering them. Other people may try to get into sensitive issues into the conversation that can sometimes cause arguments, debate or a clash of opinions. Try to make conversations light and easy going on a date.

Holding Back

Some people may have a bad date or relationship experience in the past. They do not want to experience it again. But it can have an effect in subsequent dates. The experience can cause others to hold back on what they can share with their date. They stay closed off, making the date a frustrating experience. Being aloof can cause a potential date to lose interest in you after some because you try to avoid sharing anything about you. Sometimes, you will only realize the mistake once the damage has been done.

Too Fast, Too Soon

A common dating mistake many people commit is coming off as too strong and aggressive. There are some people who take any sign to mean something when it is not. Their wrong readings cause them to go in for the kill even when it is not yet appropriate. A date can sometimes feel threatened by aggressive actions and would want to get out of the situation as quickly as possible. That is another date ruined.

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