Common Dating Pitfalls

People expect fireworks and excitement when they go out on a date. They always expect to meet their future life partner. High expectations can sometimes be a big mistake. Instead of a casual getting-to-know-each-other date, it takes on a more serious tone sometimes that it can scare of your potential dream partner. So instead of knowing each other better, the opposite happens.

Too Soon For Intimacy

Some people make the mistake of getting intimate with a date too soon. You can sometimes feel that physical attraction with your date that can get your hormones raging. You have these thoughts of getting intimate at some point during the date. Doing so may be a serious mistake, especially if your date does not feel the same way. Do get too intimate with your date too soon, especially during the first meeting or two. You need to set some boundaries when it comes to intimacy and focus more on getting to know more about your date.

Unrealistic Expectations

When some people go on a date, they bring with them a mental list of what their ideal partner is and try to compare that with the person they are meeting. But sometimes, people have ideals that are just too unrealistic. They dream of meeting a handsome hunk or a beautiful bombshell. But most of the time, dream dates only occur in dreams, especially if they are deeply rooted in fantasy. When their unrealistic expectations are dashed upon meeting their date face to face, they become disheartened no longer feel interested. Instead of getting to know the person well, they want to get the date over with. Such people usually end up single for a long, long time. It is all because some people have such high expectations for an ideal partner that it just does not exist in the real world.

Overanalyzing Your Date

Another common dating pitfall is trying to make too much sense of everything during and after the date. There are people that can sometimes be too insecure. They attempt to read every move and action of their date and try to make sense of it. Is he going to kiss me? Does she like my tie? He yawned, is he not interested in me? Is she texting someone about me? Every move is considered and up for evaluation. During the course of the date, one forgets to just enjoy and have fun. In doing so, the date will likely become a forgetful experience for both. Try to avoid interpreting and analyzing what your date says or does. Just focus on getting to know your date more and stop focusing on perceived innuendos too seriously.

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