Common First Date Concerns

shutterstock_148448909When it comes to first dates, there is a certain uneasiness that some people may feel. They have some concerns that they cannot seem to get over with. You might call it the first date jitters. But there are some common concerns that people should not try to worry about. Here are some of them.

You have no first date experience.

Some people may be concerned about their relative dating inexperience. You may have been in a long relationship before and you do not know what the current dating rules are. In the first place, it is not something to really worry about. The worse that you can do is apologize for your inexperience in dating. Some people will understand and will go easy on you. After all, the most memorable first dates are usually those that happen without being restricted by rules.

You have limited knowledge about everything.

Some people worry about dating because they feel that their general knowledge is not up to date. The fear that they may feel out of place in case their date talks about something that they do not have any idea about. Just bear in mind that people may have something that they do not know about. If you happen to meet someone with interests that you do not know anything about, just be honest about it. Inquire about what you do not know from your date and they will explain it to you most of the time. This situation can help conversations going. In the same way, you might have interests that your date does not know anything about. You can also do the same thing and impart what you know about it.

You are not good looking enough.

Some people are worried about going on first dates because they do not feel that they look good enough. Insecurities about looks may be overrated most of the time. People have many charms and not merely by looks alone. Those who just depend on their looks are often shallow and uninteresting. Remember that people with many other charms are more interesting. You may not have the looks, but if you have the confidence and feel comfortable of who you are and what you can offer, then you may be a better date than someone good-looking but with nothing else to offer.

You fear the dating accidents that might happen.

Many people fear that something bad will happen during the date. Those small accidents can worry some people a great deal- having bad breath, something stuck between the teeth, or spilling a drink on a date. These small accidents can be prevented while some cannot be avoided. But you should remember that the more you think about them, the more awkward you will be. Do not make a great deal out of them. Most of the time, your date will understand them and take them for what they are, as minor accidents. In case they do happen, apologize when you need to and move on. You need not let the accidents ruin the date. Just be concerned about things that you can control, not those things that you have no control over.


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