Common Texting Mistakes People Make While Dating

Common Texting Mistakes People Make While Dating

Dating can be a complicated thing. Even in this age of the smartphone and constant connectivity, communication can still be confusing sometimes. Nothing can be truer with sending and receiving text messages. Considered as the most convenient communication medium by most people, text messages provide a way for people to instantly express what they have in mind in real time. The indirect form of communication that texting provides helps some people becoming more open and expressive when sending messages.

But at the same time, the brevity and the indirectness can also send in mixed signals that can confuse the recipient of the message. This can happen frequently to people who are into the early stages of dating. Common texting mistakes can ruin any progress people may have achieved at these early stages of the courting ritual. Here are some of the common texting mistakes that people should try to avoid.

Confessing true feelings over text
People should share some things with others with a more direct approach. While this may be a bit difficult, sharing your feelings to another person is better and more effective when you do it face to face. Sharing what you feel for someone by sending a text message may not have the same effect. It can even be a mistake when you act indifferent when you are together but send out your true feelings over text.

Being a predictable texter
Texting as a communication tool can do wonders for people in the early stages of dating. It can help provide some excitement and fun into a developing relationship. Some people make the mistake of becoming a predictable texter by sending the same messages, jokes, quotes or thoughts over and over again. After some time, it can get very boring. Avoid falling into a predictable pattern when you send texts to someone you like. Sometimes, it is not the number of texts or the frequency that you send them that matters, it is what you wish to convey.

Engaging in long texting conversations
While texting can be fun as a communications tool, some people can also find it a hassle the longer texting conversations stretch. Texting is ideal for sending short and brief messages. But most people today try to use it for lengthy conversations rather than voice. When you need to engage in more in depth conversations, try to avoid doing it via text.

Texting inappropriately
Some people use texting in many inappropriate ways. Sending overtly suggestive texts can be inappropriate. Sending and receiving texts while on a date can also be inappropriate. Try to make sure that you avoid sending out suggestive texts that can make someone uncomfortable. Exercise proper etiquette during a date by avoiding checking your phone too often for texts. These mistakes can affect your chances with someone while on the dating stage of the relationship.


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