Coping With Dating Burnout

Coping With Dating Burnout

Dating is supposed to be fun and exciting. But there may come a time when you might feel differently every time you go out on a date. This usually occurs after a series of dates that went nowhere. You may not know it, but you might be experiencing dating burnout.

Many people can experience dating burnout after a long period of dating different people, especially if they are all first dates. Dating can be quite a gamble. You do not know how it will turn out. In the case of people with dating burnout, all those dates turn out badly.

During the first few dates, people may just think that it is normal to have bad dates. But after several more dates with the same outcome, doubt begins to settle in. They start to get discouraged. People begin to expect other dates to end the same way. The excitement of going on another date is no longer there. Dating burnout has set in. If you are in such a situation, here are some tips of coping up.

Take a break.

If dating no longer excites you, take a break. Cancel all of your planned dates if you do not feel up to it. There is no need to punish yourself further. Change your usual mindset. Think about going out on your own. Find some things that you enjoy doing. Go out with friends for the sake of having fun. You might even just consider relaxing at home or even catch up on sleep. Just try to do anything that will keep your mind out of dating for a while.

Re-assess your dating standards.

You dating luck may not be going your way because of certain reasons. It might be that you have very high standards when it comes to looking for a partner. Your standards may not be a good fit for those people you decide to go out on a date with. Alternatively, your dating standards are just so high that it is no longer realistic. If you wish to improve your luck the next time you go out on a date, what you might need to do is lower your standards a bit. Learn to understand that people come with flaws. Try to be more forgiving of certain flaws that you think you can live with. You might just discover that dating somebody who did not fit your previous standards may be that someone you have been waiting for all along.

Laugh it off.

Although it may be a bit hard, laughing at your dating misfortunes may just be the best thing that you can ever do under the circumstances. Consider those unfortunate dating experiences as funny memories. After all, laughter is the best medicine. It may just be able to help you get out of dating burnout faster.


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