Creating Your Love Mantra

Many of us may have hoped and prayed for true love to come our way, but no matter how hard we do, the answers to those prayers seem distant, making you hopeless and frustrated.

Perhaps you need to change your strategy. Instead of relying to a Higher Being, why not rely on yourself and utilize the power of self-talk? Positive affirmations can reduce stress and anxiety levels while boosting one’s confidence and social ability. Its power can be used in a variety of intentions, including finding a romantic relationship. Here are helpful ways to making your affirmations for love, or Love Mantras.

The first way to craft your Love Mantra is to clearly define your intention. What do you want in your love life? Would you want to fall in love at first sight? Would you want to get married before turning 30? Create your intentions based on pure possibility. It does not even matter whether you can achieve it or not.

What follows is to strongly believe your intentions. Our brains see what we believe as real, so create a statement about your love life as if it is happening now, such as “My Prince Charming and I are having sweet moments together.” This practice helps our brain to perform a mental rehearsal of what it expects to find out there.

Lastly, activate your Love Mantra by pushing this thought against your doubts and fears about love. Meditate this mantra and naturally cast your doubts like “I may never find a man in my life” or “It is too hard to love someone.” Repeat this process until these negative thoughts naturally disappear, thus giving your full attention to your original Love Mantra. Practice this everyday for just a few minutes.

Source: YourTango


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  1. If you really want to be successful with women than you need to work on your self esteem and then pick up a book on body language so you know how to convey your interest and self confidence to women, but also know how to tell if they are interested in you, too.

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