Dating and Finding Love During Recession

The last few years do not seem bright as far as the economy is concerned. People try to continue living their lifestyles, although in a more budget-conscious manner. Movie nights become DVD nights, family dinners are spent more often at home, you get the picture.

However, should your dating life be sacrificed because of the recession? According to the LoveGeist report, more singles are actually searching for a partner as the economic climate becomes tough. It is not because people are looking for their respective Sugar Daddies and Cougar Moms, rather because they are seeking for comfort of a loving relationship that would conteract the pressures brought by financial problems.

“[In times of anxiety] we know that people will tend to cling together more and that they will perhaps start to value the things that are not so materially obvious,” psychologist Dr. Cecilia d’Felice explains about the report. “One of the most important values is that of relating and relationship? There’s nothing more empowering than known someone’s watching your back.”

It just goes to show that in times of financial hardships, people are still glad to invest in love.

Source: The Independent

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