Dating in the Age of Smartphones

Modern technology may seem to have gotten people more isolated. The more we text, tweet, chat, and post status updates, the more we seem to have difficulty to personally interact with one another. For instance, the phrase “I love you” has a deeper, more intimate effect if it is said to the partner rather than sent through text message.

At this day and age, may we remind you on what you should do when interacting with potential dates.

Follow the three-day rule – If you have received a phone number from a person whom you find attractive, do not wait too long before calling him or her. Call the person within three days and set up a date, which should take within three weeks.

Never google your date – There is a reason why it is called a “blind date.” If you are set up by a common friend, a relative, or a professional matchmaker, simply trust their instincts and think that they only want the best for you. Save the verdict, and the background check, for later.

Confirm the date the night prior – Tell your date that you are looking forward to meet them. Remember to call, not text, your date.

Keep your attention to your date, not on your phone – Even you would find it rude if your date keeps on texting and tweeting during your date. You can set your phone in silent mode or even turn it off completely during the date.

Call your date after the date – Guys, give your dates a phone call a few minutes after you part ways. Tell her that you had a wonderful time and you are looking forward to meet again. This shows sincerity and sensitivity, which women would love to have in their partners.

Call for a second date as soon as possible – Following the three-day rule, call or personally tell your date and ask if he or she would like to meet for the second time. Follow-ups should not be done through texting. At the same time, do not call your date constantly.

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