Dating Resolutions for Next Year- What You Should Avoid

Dating Resolutions for Next Year- What You Should Avoid

The year is coming to a close and some people are still trying to find that special someone. The end of 2014 may also signal the start of making new dating resolutions for the coming New Year. Here are some things that you might want to avoid doing next year.

Having a lot of “must haves” when looking for potential partners

Some people may be having a hard time finding partners in the dating scene because of their own personal ideals. He or she must have a car, must have a pet, or many other “must haves”. It is ok to look for that perfect guy or girl. But it will surely be a difficult task. Most potential dates may not measure up to your high standards. You might need to review them a bit and let go of many specific traits and demands you look for in an ideal partner.

Going on dates one after the other

Some people will want to go on the most dates as a way to meet more people to choose from. Some may even meet two dates in a day. Although it may suggest that you have a healthy dating life, it may not always be enriching or even be the best idea. It may even give others the idea that you are becoming more desperate. Try to choose the right people you wish to go on a date with, not just someone who invites you to go out. Quantity is not always the right way to go. You may be better off choosing quality partners instead.

Sulking over past dating snafus

You may have quite an experience with past dating failures. It may be frustrating, discouraging and embarrassing at times. But you should not try to let that affect you once the New Year starts. Learn the lessons of your past experiences. But do not let the past get the better of you. Own up to whatever dating mistakes you made, make sure you do not make the same mistakes again and then just leave it at that. Try to start the year on a clean slate and continue on your dating journey to find the right partner.


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