Dating Rule Changes You Should Know About

Dating Rule Changes You Should Know About

Proper dating is governed by certain rules. Some of these rules are based on a person’s preference for what a date should be. There are also general rules that people follow as proper dating manners and behavior. Over time, as people learn to live in a more modern world, changes are bound to happen. This includes changes to what was once accepted as proper dating etiquette. Here are some of the possible changes in dating etiquette that no longer matter to most people today.

Who asks for a date?

It is general dating etiquette that men should always ask women on a date. But this rule may be changing. It is no longer shunned upon when women ask men on a date for a change. In fact, men seem to love it. In a survey of 9,000 single men, around 74 percent say that they love it when the woman does the asking. Only 9 percent of the men prefer to always make the first move. This shows that sometimes, men also loves to feel wanted.

How do you ask for a date?

Traditional etiquette provides that men should ask a woman out personally. Over the course of time, this has gone through changes. The invention of the telephone has made calling to ask for a date more acceptable. And with the development of more convenient ways to connect and communicate, there are now other ways available for men when asking women for a date. It is now acceptable to send a date request through email or even through a text message. Everyone has become so busy in the world that this convenience is now necessary and accepted.

Pre-dating is now the norm.

Pre-dating is meeting someone before the actual date. It is not necessarily in the physical sense. As technological options continue to grow and spread, daters also try to adapt. With most smartphones, laptops and other communications devices now feature video chat, it is now possible for people to meet each other “face to face” before the actual date. An advantage is that it allows people to know each other better before even meeting physically. It can help determine whether going on an actual date is a good thing. A video chat meeting prior to planning a date can help save both parties time, effort and money if they feel that they are not just compatible during that pre-date. Not only that, video chat can sometimes serve as the actual date nowadays, especially for people in a long distance relationship.

“Three-Day Rule” is now outdated.

In the previous book of dating etiquette, there is this accepted rule that men should wait three days before asking a woman out for another date. But that has changed. Most women now have careers and are busy in their own right. There is no more room for speculations and second guessing. Just like the men, women also need to know if you are interested in them. Waiting for three days will just extend the stress and the tension that both parties can do without. It is now accepted for men who are interested to ask for another date at the end of the first one. It is now okay to call her on the next day as well. Waiting for several days to make the next move can sometimes mean that the men are not interested and women move on to the next date.


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